Gibbons Creek
Steam Electric Station

12824 FM 244 RD
ANDERSON, TX 77830-5642
Phone: 936.873.1100

Proudly Serving the Texas cities of Bryan, Denton, Garland and Greenville.

Our People


TMPA has talented and experienced employees throughout the plant. More than half of TMPA's employees have more than 10 years of experience.

How TMPA Works

See How TMPA Produces Power

TMPA operates the Gibbons Creek Steam Electric Station which is a coal fired steam electric plant. Heat from burning coal creates steam which powers a turbine-generator creating electricity. TMPA's coal comes from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and is a clean, low sulfur fuel.Once mined, the coal is loaded on a train for transport to Texas. As it is received at the plant, the coal is in softball sized chunks and is stored in a pile near the boiler... more >>