TMPA Safety group TMPA achieved ten years without a lost time injury in March 2007. This represents a tremendous milestone and demonstrates excellent safety awareness.

Since 1986 TMPA has won 81 safety awards from world, national and Texas safety organizations.

TMPA won the highest honor from the National Safety Council, “The Green Cross”. While winning is an honor, winning the prestigious award four consecutive years is an unprecedented accomplishment. Since 1929 no company in history has ever won the NSC Green Cross Award more times.

TMPA won the Texas Safety Association’s most prestigious safety award “The Chairman's Award” twice and received an “Award of Excellence” from the Texas Workers Compensation Commission recognizing safety accomplishments in preventing workplace injuries.

Proper Attire

When visiting TMPA please ensure you wear attire appropriate for an industrial plant-site

  • Long sleeve shirts or jackets in plant areas (100% cotton, wool, or fire resistant)
    • No polyesters, nylon, acetate or synthetic blends
    • No suit jackets, neck ties or loose fitting clothing
  • Pants should cover the legs (100% cotton, wool, or fire resistant)
    • No shorts or dresses
  • ANSI Z89.1 hardhat in plant areas
  • ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses with side shields in plant areas
  • Hearing protection in plant areas
  • Safety toe footwear (steel, fiberglass, or composite) in plant areas
  • TMPA may provide a loaner hardhat and safety glasses
  • Always display your Visitor/Guest ID Badge
  • Stay in designated area or with your TMPA host/escort

TMPA Safety Forms

Please complete the form (link below) and email it to or bring the completed form with you when you come to the plant

Safety Forms:

Plant Safety Acknowledgment Form

Mine Safety Acknowledgment Form