Retirement Plan 

TMPA has a Contribution Employee’s Pension Plan. The Agency deposits an amount equivalent to 10% of each employee’s gross salary each pay period to be invested (at the discretion of the employee) into a selection of Mutual Funds provided. Employees become 20% vested at the successful completion of one year of employment and 20% annually thereafter until fully vested at 5 years. At 6 months an employee becomes eligible to contribute from 0 – 50% into the retirement plan.

Medical, Vision, & Dental Insurance

Please contact HR for employee contribution information

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Administered by ComPsych. Provided at no additional cost to employees and their dependents.

Life Insurance

Provided at no cost to the employee:
2 times annual salary Death of Natural Cause
1 time annual salary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Short & Long Term Disability

Provided at no cost to the employee.
60% salary until age 65 or as long as disabled.


Length of Service Annual Accrual Rate
Less than 5 years 80 hours
5 to 10 years   120 hours
Over 10 years 160 hours

Annual Holidays

8 designated, 1 floating

PTO Leave

Employees are credited with 80 hours of PTO leave on January 1st each year. The leave is available for situations where scheduled leave is not appropriate. Unused PTO leave on December 31st is added to the employee Sick Bank for use in case of long term illnesses

Optional Programs